22 janvier 2010

Your Local Tour Guide

                   Welcome to Green Hills Eco-Tours.
In addition to the information We are able to provide you on the area:
In Rwanda,we offer a variety of services including:.
*Wildlife Tours,Gorilla Trekking,Historical & Cultural, Village visits,
*Volunteer,Walking & Trekking,Kayaking & Boat trip,Community based Tours,
*Sightseeing Tours,Hotel Transfer and Reservations.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, we offer guided Tours for individuals, families and small groupes..
Our activities based in Eastern of Congo including:
*Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Tracking
*Climb Nyiragongo live Volcano
*Goma Sightseeing Tour; Ijwi island Tours
*Volunteerism and Visits to local communities...
Innocent's Discovery Tour will give a profound look at all of both countries' diverse treasures.

If you are interested in these Tours and would like 
more information and reservations please contact us we will send you additional information about the Tour as soon as possible.or just tell us what you need we can help you. Thank You!

These guided visits allow tourists to discover splendid landscapes and experience Rwandan culture.
More information is available at the “Cyber Kivu Network Center",located near the market;around FOREX BUREAU and bus station of Gisenyi town.

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